Monday, November 1, 2010

Sunday mornings are for golf, football and for me...Kalesa's Filipino Brunch

I look forward to Sundays not only because Sundays are usually lazy ones, but because it's my family's favorite day of the week. I do get up to read the paper, change my Fantasy football roster (during football season of course), and we usually have an early breakfast. There are times when we, as a family, have the Filipino food cravings and don't want cook but want longanisa, tocino, kare-kare, arroz caldo, adobo, sisig, sinanag and everything on a Filipino foodies wish-list. Well, in Milpitas Califonia, there is a restaurant that will satisfy your every craving. Kalesa, offers a Sunday brunch from 8-11am that features a wide range of authentic Filipino foods and deserts. Their selection is enormous and you can definitely be overwhelmed your first time around. You can start with their warm arroz caldo or even have some champorrado and coffee to start. I usually put together a sampler of loganisa, tocino, sisig, ukoy, and champorrado. The mix of sweet and savory flavors are prefect, especially for my little foodies in the family. (for a description of the most common Filipino foods and style of cooking, click here)
Sisig, Ukoy, Longanisa and Champorrado for starters
Now after you  get your favorites out of the way and of course your beautified foodie pictures, dive right in and try it all. Kalesa's kare-kare is delicious and make sure to add some bagoong to the mix because to me, it completes the dish. They also offer Paksiw na lechon, tokwa't baboy, chiken adobo, menudo, pinakbet, pancit (variety), fried chicken, leche flan, buko pandan, sago, and much more.
My second plate usually looks like this! Kare-Kare in the foreground
Remember to bring your appetite and if not, don't feel bad about only one trip to the buffet line. Kalesa's Sunday buffet only costs around $12 and I believe kids under 12 are half price. Now if you can't make it out early enough to the Sunday brunch, Kalesa's regular menu has a wide range of Filipino food for you to explore. The restaurant also offers catering and full lechons for your events and special occasions.

Food Wars
I have heard many sisig fanatics claim that Kalesa could possibly have the best tasting sisig in the Bay Area. That is a pretty big claim, a claim that should be put to the test...possibly in a SISIG challenge. I can contest that their sisig is different yet very delicious. Is it the best? well you'll have to be the judge of that. So, if you are in the mood for a great Sunday Brunch or just some delicious Filipino food, drive on over to Milpitas and let Kalesa take care of the rest.

1783 N Milipitas Blvd. Milipitas , CA 95035
Tel Office(408)957-7777
Fax No (408) 957-7778

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