Sunday, November 21, 2010

The WOW Silog Truck - Filipino Food and Mobile DJ's morphed into the South Bay's newest food truck...WOW!

The WOW Truck Pre-Graphic Wrap
The San Francisco food truck scene is growing exponentially as I type. But other parts of the Bay Area aren't as fortunate as the 415 residents and have to drive miles just to get a taste of the mobile gourmet food. I know how it feels because it's a 50 mile drive from where I live to the nearest (ok there are a few trucks near me but I'd rather NOT!) food truck location. Not to worry anymore my South Bay/Peninsula foodies. The WOW Silog Truck is not only the newest food truck in the Bay Area, but it will serve delicious Filipino street food 5 days a week.
I was fortunate to come out to their friends and family opening over the stormy weekend. I was still recovering from the cold and wet farewell session of Off The Grid Fort Mason the night before. But how could I resist history in the making! or should I say history in the eating? So I checked their twitter @theWOWtruck for the location and packed the kids up in the car and we rolled out! My GPS led us to the SAVE MART parking lot that they tweeted but I couldn't tell if I was at the right location! So I got out and walked over to the window and viola! a silog menu!
The WOW Trucks Silog menu
So I ordered a couple of silogs for the kids, Spamsilog and Tocilog. For those of you who aren't familiar with what silogs are, basically a silog is anything over garlic fried rice and eggs. So steak over garlic fried rice and eggs would be Steaksilog! Got it? But out of the corner of my eye, I saw a familiar face cooking in the kitchen. This well known Bay Area chef has quite a following and is known for pushing the envelope as far as Filipino food goes. Although I can't reveal his identity till he officially announces his affiliation with the WOW team himself later this week.
The WOW team Founders Ronnie Lou Hernandez  & Crystal Aranas
I loved the presentation of the street side silogs which were cleverly plated on a banana leaf. Totally CUTE :) The silogs were really good and the sinangag (garlic fried rice) was nicely prepared. Finally, the tocino and spam was accompanied by fresh tomatoes a generous portion of fried eggs. (foodie hook up...ask the chef :))
The WOW Truck Tocilog
The WOW Truck Spamsilog
It was raining so the team invited me on board to chat a bit and the first thing that I noticed was the full DJ set-up. That's right, a full Serato controller ready to rock the street food scene. They intend to have guest DJ's on board to provide a bit of ambiance and entertainment while you eat.
Possibly the 1st DJ friendly Food Truck
The truck won't officially open until Black Friday and has plans of traveling to various South Bay shopping locations in the early morning. If you don't have a twitter account or facebook, you can find The WOW Truck @ The Usual in Downtown San Jose later that day. I'll be on board the WOW Truck doing a little video and taking some shots (photos not alcohol I believe) so stay tuned for a video and article about their launch. So for now Bay Area, follow The Wow Truck on their Twitter @theWowTruck or add them on your Facebook @ TheWOWTruck.
by @mrfredbriones 

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