Friday, May 21, 2010

Finding Filipino Tradition and Beyond @ ATTIC

I am very excited, not only because it's Friday, but I get to eat somewhere new but familiar. ATTIC in San Mateo is Chef's Tim Luym's newest venture. Sticking with the Pan-Asian theme, ATTIC will definitely be a fresh addition its Peninsula location. Look out for pictures and a review coming soon.
For more information on ATTIC, here's an article by sfoodie on Chef Tim and his newest venture. Article

Monday, May 10, 2010


Greetings from the San Francisco Bay Area! ilovesisig is dedicated to the discovery, passion, and innovation of Filipino Eats. I use the word eats because the food of the Philippines really varies in complexity. There are simple foods and very intricate dishes that one might encounter. For me, the occasional mid-day balut snack is classified as eats , along with my favorite street cart food...those are definitely good eats. But you'll get the 411 on everything from street carts, mom & pop, upscale, hole in the walls, catering, and even the home cooked meals by grandma.

I just enjoy Filipino food and love to share it with others as much as I can. I hope we can all use this forum to help Filipino grow and become more mainstream. I'll admit I haven't tried everything but on this new journey that I am embarking on, I promise to try anything and everything. I plan to share recipes, feature stories, travel logs, how 2 videos, networking events and much much more.

The blog will definitely be growing in the next couple of weeks and will evolve into a full blown site, but for is what it is. Thanks for reading and I hope you join me on this journey.