Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Off The Grid Fort Mason - A Farewell Sisig Palooza with the Adobo Hobo, Senor Sisig, HapaSF and more

by @mrfredbriones
This year was definitely a great year for street food in the San Francisco Bay Area. The popularity and buzz has been continually generated by the creative entrepreneurs and the foodie world. It has definitely been a bright spot for a year that has continued to be plagued by a terrible economy. Off The Grid Fort Mason has been a weekly gathering of delicious food, music and community support. For a few dollars, you can have your choice of gourmet delights and sample food from all walks of life and feel part of a exciting movement happening here in your own backyard.

I was fortunate enough to take the kids to the final installment of OTG Fort Mason for the year. It was definitely a wet one, due to the storm that blanketed the entire Bay Area. But that didn't stop the foodie faithfuls that made the journey. For us, the 50 mile drive was worth it and the kids have been dying to get their fair share of Baos, tacos, cupcakes and everything else they could sink their teeth into. For me, I had one thing on my mind. The Adobo Hobo's sisig tacos! Who could resist anything topped with a "healthy" portion of chicharon on top. Of course my little foodie couldn't help but eat her taco and take mine as well...after I had a bite. The taco was purely delicious and I totally recommend anyone to follow the Hobos to try one or two.I almost forgot to mention that Mr. Arroz Caldo teamed up with the Hobos and offered his warm and magical pot of arroz caldo and sweet deep fried banana springroll (turon). Arroz caldo is the perfect dish for those cold winter nights!

Adobo Hobo's Sisig Taco
Me and my silly foodie
Mr. Arroz Caldo's Turon (Fried Banana)
 Since we arrived quite early and the rain seemed to keep the early birds away, we got in line quickly for some baos from Chairman Bao. So we ordered a couple of steamed baos and their bao chips which ended up as a crunchy topping. I didn't realize that they offered baked version of their baos, but they did look pretty awesome.

Baos from Chairman Bao
So the sisigpalooza continued with more sisig tacos from Senor Sisig. I love their special salsa that they use and it gives their tacos quite a unique flavor. Senor Sisig also has three sisig choices available, so if you aren't in the mood for pork or chicken, try their tofu option. I can't wait to see what's in store for one of my favorite trucks in the business.
Sisig Tacos from Senor Sisig
I was in the mood for something crispy so we walked over to the IZ IT truck for some of their famous ICONs. These bad bad boys are pretty tasty and definitely a must have at OTG. I can imagine them serving their fried chicken over rice with eggs for a delicious silog in the future. Hint hint! Special thanks to the IZIT guys for hooking the OTG crowds with extra ICONs for the evening.
The IZIT Icon
So why not end the night with a plate of sisig from Hapa SF which offers modern organic Filipino cuisine. We ordered a plate of their take on sisig which is thrice cooked long and bailey pork, jalapeno, lime, soy and shallot. I really like my sisig spicy so the jalepenos were well welcomed in this dish.

Sisig from Hapa SF
The rain started pouring down so it was definitely my cue to head home. #OTG Fort Mason will surely be missed by the regulars and the faithful foodies who have made this their Friday destination. I do have some things on my wish list for next year:
  1. More Vegetarian or Vegan options from the food vendors
  2. Gluten free alternatives....some people can't have the rice or tortillas
  3. More canopies for the rainy days
  4. A more diverse selection of vendors
  5. More good times 
The OTG faithful
Till next year OTG. In the meantime, you can follow or find the Food Trucks and carts on the internet. Most of them have a weekly rotation or location where you can try their delicious food.
Adobo Hobo
Twitter: @adobohobo
Facebook: AdoboHobo
Web: http://adobohobo.blogspot.com
You can also find The Adobo Hobo at Mercury Lounge on Monday's during Monday Night Football

Mr. Arroz Caldo
Twitter: @MrArrozCaldo

Senor Sisig
Twitter: @senorsisig
Facebook: SenorSisig
Web:  http://www.senorsisig.com/

Chairman Bao Truck
Twitter: @chairmantruck
Facebook: ChairmanTruck 

IZ IT Fresh Grill
Twitter: @izitfreshgrill
Facebook: IZ-IT
Web: http://www.iz-it.com/

Hapa SF
Twitter: @hapasf
Facebook: HapaSF
Web: http://hapasf.com/

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