Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kuya's Asian Cuisine - More like my little brother but still in the family...for now.

With so many Filipino restaurant choices now in the Daly City San Bruno area, you can literally find a location within minutes of each other. So we decided to search yelp for a listing of restaurants in the San Bruno area. Kuya's had a decent amount of reviews and was a mere 5 minutes from us. But we had a hard time finding the place which was located on the skinny San Bruno Ave.
I was hoping to be greeted by Kuya or some inviting host when we entered but sadly, it took about 20minutes before anyone even came to seat us. Understandable because they seemed to be breaking down a large party. Luckily I started to look over their large menu and began to pick out the dishes that seemed to be perfect for the cold weather and our hungry appetites.
Sinigang Na Baboy
Sinigang Na Baboy (Pork sinigang)
I love my sinigang sour and this was pretty sour. But I didn't care for the excessive seasonings that were floating around in the broth. I'm not sure if they use pre-made packet of tamarind base but it was too much. The pork and was tender and the broth had enough spice for that added kick.
Steak Salpicao
Steak Salpicao
For our beef dish, we went with the Steak Salpicao. I have always love ATTIC's version of salpicao so I couldn't resist trying Kuya's version. Unfortunately, the beef seem to be overcooked and too salty. I have a high tolerance to salty flavors but this was overly seasoned. 
Kalabasa Sitaw Sa Gata
Kalabasa Sitaw Sa Gata
On to the vegetable dish Kalabasa Sitaw Sa Gata which is sauteed yellow squash and longbeans in coco milk with pork and shrimp. We all enjoyed the flavors in this one. The coconut milk went well with the yellow squash and the combination of pork and shrimp was delicious.
Crispy Fried Chicken
Crispy Fried Chicken
We all enjoy something on the crispy side so what better dish to satisfy the our crunchy fetish than fried chicken. Well, it was definitely better than Max's fried chicken but that isn't saying much any more. It was crispy but unlike the salpicao, the chicken was under seasoned. I don't like to dip my chicken in extra sauce so I really am picky about my flavors here. But with the added banana ketchup, the dish was OK.

Overall Kuya's was like a little brother. There are days when you like him, but sometimes he's just not that good. I'm not going to give up on Kuya's just yet. They have a great looking menu and I'm sure that they have their specialties. You can't hit the mark on every dish and I'm sure that regular Kuya patrons have their favorites. Please, send me your recommendations...if you have any. 

Kuya's Asian Cuisine
(650) 952-5739
460 San Mateo Ave
San Bruno, CA

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