Monday, October 25, 2010

Sisig on the Go: Getting my sisig fix with Senor Sisig

by @mrfredbriones
For me, sisig isn't really a dish that I eat on a regular basis. I have to admit that chicken adobo, sinigang and tinola are on our regular rotation on our dinner table. Sisig on the other hand is something that I consider, as my comedian friend Rex Navarrete would say, "SOMETHING ESPECIAAAL". It takes a little but more time to prepare, so for someone like me, I really don't have time to prep and cook sisig for dinner. But with the advent of street food here in the Bay Area and the food trucks and vendors, sisig is literally just around the corner.
Senor Sisig @ The 2010 Eat Real Food Festival
Senor Sisig is a relatively new food truck here in Northern California but has gained popularity fast. It's known for its variety of sisig offerings from pork, chicken and even tofu. You can choose from their versions of the classic taco to sisig nachos with a variety of rice plates depending on whats on their menu for the day. I first ran into the Senor Sisig guys at the 2010 Eat Real Festival in Oakland. The foodies and the Filipino community definitely came out to support the new venture and the long lines proved it. Unfortunately for me, I was filmming and my son didn't share his sisig taco with his hard working dad.(I was actually doing the Foodspotting Dishcrawl scavenger hunt....which I WON!) I was able to get a photo of their taco before he inhaled it.
Senor Sisig Pork Sisig Taco before he inhaled it.
Moxsie Street Eats
The Senor Sisig Menu
I did get a chance to catch Senor Sisig at MOXSIE Street Eats in Palo Alto for lunch recently. I was ready to finally get my hands on their now famous sisig tacos! They had 3 choices, chicken, pork, and tofu...score! These tacos were stuffed with sisig, veggies and their special creamy cilantro sauce.For those wanting a little spice, they offer fresh chopped jalapenos. I was expecting to finish all three but after the second one, I was good. These aren't your skimpy excuses for tacos with a few pieces of meat and overloaded with lettuce. For around $2.50, you get your money's worth. Make sure to bring a Tupperware for the leftovers and the mandatory late night snack. The Nachos and Fries looked equally good our stomachs didn't have enough room to accommodate the large portions.
The perfect pair of Chicken Sisig tacos & The healthier Tofu Sisig Taco...delicious!
I do have to say that the owners of Senor Sisig, Evan Kidera and Gil Payumo are probably the nicest guys in the food truck game. They never seem too busy to chat with customers or nosey foodies like myself. I promised to do a video segment and streetside dinner with Senor Sisig and hopefully I can still make that happen. (Stay tuned for more info) For now, you can find these guys at Off The Grid in San Francisco and other regular locations but make sure to follow them on twitter @senorsisig to find out their times and schedules. So if you are in the mood for some sisig, make sure to give Senor Sisig a try... I'm sure you'll love it!

The Senor Sisig Team @ 2010 Eat Real Food Festival

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  3. Thanks for adding the widget! You dont know how much I'm craving for sisig after reading this post. My husband loves eating it with steamed rice and topping it with crushed chicharrones.