Tuesday, March 1, 2011

4th Filipino Dishcrawl @ Intramuros

by @mrfredbriones

Dishcrawl's Tracy Lee and Joanne Boston of jobostonisafoodie.blogspot.com/ have been busy bringing foodies together to explore Filipino food in the Bay Area. This time, we were introduced to Intramuros Restaurant in South San Francisco.This was the fourth event that the duo have collaborated on. Tracy and Jo have definitely put together a great formula for success, combining great food, talented chefs and foodies who are passionate about discovering and enjoying food. We all love food and blogging and taking pictures of what we eat, but sometimes it's not enough. I believe that's where Dishcrawl fills in that void bringing great new foods and foodies together.

Chef Cocoy Ventura Preparing for a sisig demo
Chef Cocoy adding his special touch to his famous sisig

Intramuros is a great restaurant with spacious accommodations and amenities that can accommodate small or large parties and even a large banquet hall for live performances, weddings, corporate events to name a few. Our group was gathered in the semi outdoor garden room where Chef Cocoy Ventura was giving us live demos of his signature dishes.

Fresh Oysters on a half shell
Chef Cocoy's Tinola
Squid ink Palabok


 The family style menu was great and sharing it with a bunch of food lovers makes for a more exciting atmosphere, especially with Filipino food. It's meant to be shared with family and friends because I believe that it's part of our tradition. Who eats alone nowadays? Filipino food is all about family and community. Ever go to a Filipino party? If you haven't expect over 50+ people, tons of food and constant laughing, hugging,  music, singing, dancing...you name it and we do it. It's special, and that's why I am passionate about Filipino culture and its food.
Bangus Sisig
Tofu Sisig
Halo Halo

I do have to say that it was hard to focus on the food especially because I haven't seen my foodie friends in a long time. Many drinks were being passed and we all were having a great time catching up. We all broke out the cameras but took our time to enjoy the delicious food that Intramuros had to offer.

Jo Boston and another satisfied Dishcrawler

The rest of the night was spent planning our next food adventures together and of course taking sexy pictures of our gorgeous selves!

The Crazy after hours foodies

Checking out my favorite foodies in the Dishcrawl Matchmaker Calendar
Abe Mr. Lumpia Cart himself as Mr. July

So make sure to try Intramuros when you are in the South San Francisco area. They have a ton of special events from dinners, brunches, concerts and food events. But get on the Dishcrawl website and be part of the evolution of the foodie scene. If you call yourself a foodie...step up your game and come Dishcrawling with the rest of us. Take a break from you camera, twitter, blog, facebook and meet a bunch a people who enjoy food and great company.

Stay tuned for coverage of  our first Filipino Foodie roadtrip as we journey to SOCAL to visit Manila Machine, White Rabbit, Tapa Boy and the rest of the Filipino food scene down south. It's going to be hella tight! lol

For more coverage of this event http://www.dishcrawl.com/blog/2011/02/gourmet-filipino-dishcrawl-at-intramuros-with-chef-cocoy-ventura-and-barry-picazo/

Dishcrawl was recently featured on NBC...http://vimeo.com/20363303

The Intramuros
101 Brentwood Drive,
South San Francisco CA 94080
650 877-7736

Chef Cocoy Ventura
Twitter http://twitter.com/Cocoy_Ventura

Twitter http://twitter.com/dishcrawl
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/dishcrawl
Blog http://www.dishcrawl.com/blog/

Joanne Boston
Blog http://www.jobostonisafoodie.blogspot.com/
Twitter http://twitter.com/joanneisafoodie

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